Terms of Reference

for Consultancy Service for

Assessing Opportunities for Self-Employment

FOUND Project

Advert published date: 15 March 2021
Application deadline: 21 March 2021

  1. Background of FOUND Project:

The FOUND (Fueling Opportunities to end Unemployment for Nepalis with Disability) Project aims to support 2,500 unemployed skilled people with disabilities from five economic hub districts of Nepal – Morang, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Rupandehi and Kapilvastu (divided into 3 clusters – Butwal, Biratnagar and Lalitpur clusters) to find and thrive in formal or self-employment. Targeting 875 business owners and employers, it will improve knowledge, confidence, skills and attitudes so they understand the abilities of people with disabilities. For people with disabilities it will improve employability skills and self-confidence, pilot inclusive job search and hiring practices and collate evidence of what works.

The project was designed with envision to improve the physical and emotional capacity of people with disability to increase their confidence and employability skills so that they can enter into and retain formal and self-employment. Besides, there is limited evidence on successful experiences of people with disabilities in employment to celebrate. It is not clear what works in supporting skilled people with disabilities to succeed at work, and the contribution of people with disabilities to business in the Nepali context. In this context, we have the following objectives to meet:

  1. Employers’ increased understanding of disability
  2. Increased skills and understandings of people with disability to gain employment and succeed in chosen occupations
  3. Entry and retention of people with disability into formal or self-employment
  4. Generate Robust evidence of what works in supporting people with disability to enter and thrive in formal and self-employment in Nepal

 2. The objective of assessing opportunities for self-employment:

Around 50% of the total targeted people with disability are aimed to be placed in appropriate self-employment opportunities and retain them in the market for the long run. Whilst Post COVID-19 lots of people with disabilities are displaced from their existing jobs and many without a job have lost their hopes to get employed anytime soon, however, despite the confusing situation, the COVID crisis has also come to be an intriguing opportunity to explore business ideas, establish new businesses and contribute to normalizing the existing turmoil in the business arena.

To identify the appropriate business options for people with disability with diverse skills, the FOUND project in coordination with the cluster-specific Project Execution Committee (PEC) will call for the consultation service or individual expert with appropriate knowledge and previous experience in the area of “self-employment for people with disability” to meet the objective of

  1. Identifying the self-employment opportunities in the assigned district
  2. Identify innovative possibilities of entrepreneurship in the districts post COIVD-19
  3. The comparative analysis of identified self-employment opportunities with the current demand for the finished goods produced by these enterprises in the local market
  4. Availability of local resources and feasible investment options.

The activity will further contribute to our Project Output 1. Improved processes for People with D’s job search, entry, and survival in formal or self-employment

  1. Responsibility and Deliverables:
  1.  Review the existing self-employment framework (currently combined with recruitment guideline)
  2. Assess varieties of self-employment opportunities in the assigned districts.
  3. Assess the self-employment opportunities particularly run by people with disability and their current status.
  4. Suggest appropriate businesses for people with various types of disabilities.
  5. Generate a report with recommendations of action for the project team.
  6. Generate report appropriate to be submitted to the donor.
  7. Take a one-day session to reflect the findings to cluster-specific staff.
  8. Handover of the report to the FOUND cluster and central office on provided email addresses.

We request the selected consultants to continuously coordinate with local FOUND staff during the contract period for any kind of support that is beyond the scope of the consultant.

  1. Scope of Assignment for the consultant:

Key tasks for the consultant will remain, but not limited to the following:

  1. Attend a kick-off meeting with FOUND Project Execution Committee meeting and also Project staff to understand the scope of the workshop and collect relevant reference resources.
  2. Design a detailed schedule for the assessment and finalize after incorporating TLMN feedback
  3. Review essential reference materials to broadly understand the context and concerns about the FOUND project in the process
  4. Responsible for constructive and participatory exchange of view by participants
  1. Expected Output:

The consultant will be responsible to deliver the the report during the assignment period: A detailed report on Assessing Opportunities for Self-Employment for Fueling Opportunities to end Unemployment for Nepalis with Disability (FOUND) Project. The consultant is expected to get input/comments on the draft report from FOUND team and the consultant will prepare a final report addressing the issues/ comments and suggestions within a week of receiving the comments from the team. If some issues to be clarified on the comments made by the team, a face-to-face meeting can be proposed by the consultant.

 6. Travel: Travel will be required.

Each applicant should attach the following administrative documents with the proposal and action plan.

1. Cover letter for the proposal with authentic signature and stamp
2. Copy of Company Registration Certificate
3. Copy of VAT registration certificate
4. Copy of Tax Clarence letter of the fiscal year 2075/076

 The proposal Should be Structured as mentioned below

1. Understanding of the Scope of Work with proposal methodology/approach and proposed
    technology (with justification)
2. Detail timeline with deliverables
3. Team strengths (who will work on this project and their relevant experience)
4. Detail cost break-down (including for the design, programming, hosting, maintenance (with
    recurring charges)
5. CV of disability expert with minimum 10 years experience
6. Sample(s) of similar work
7. Company profile

TLM Nepal is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage candidates of diverse backgrounds, women, and persons with disability to apply. TLM Nepal is committed to safeguarding; protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such candidates will be subject to pre-employment checks.