ठुलो फाइल र ढिलो इन्टरनेटको कारण फारम सबमिट गर्दा १ मिनेट भन्दा बडी समय लग्न सक्छ, कृपया धैर्य गरिदिनु होला

Special Instructions to the Bidders for e-submission of the bids for TLM Nepal

1.  Bidder should download the bid related files from TLMN’s website or the link as per below:

For, TOR click here to Download.

2.  The downloaded template must not be modified/replaced by the bidder and the same should be uploaded after filling the relevant columns, else the bidder is liable to be rejected for that bid. Bidders are allowed to enter the Bidder Name and Values and Remarks (For Brand or any special distinguished features).

3.  If there are any clarifications, there will be pre-bid meeting on 26th July 21, 2021, 10:00 AM on Zoom.

Zoom link for pre-bid meeting


Meeting ID: 981 4563 4419
Passcode: 612314

4.  Bidder, in advance, should prepare the bid documents to be submitted as which are all legal documents as

– Technical and financial proposal in .doc and .pdf format.

– Company Registration certificate

– PAN registration certificate.

– Latest tax clearance letter.

– Company profile and other mention documents.

– All document should be in PDF/XLS/DOC/JPEG formats.

5.  The bidder reads the terms and conditions and accepts the same to proceed further to submit the bid.

6.  After preparing technical and financial proposal they should follow the link for e-submission.

For, e-Submission form click here. [Expired]

7.  There is limit on the size of the file uploaded at the server end at 10 MB per stances. In order to reduce the file size, bidders are suggested to scan the documents in 75-100 DPI so that the clarity is maintained and also the size of file also gets reduced. This will help in quick uploading even at very low bandwidth speed.

8.  Bidder should arrange to complete the process within the bid submission date and time for the bid.TLM Nepal will not be held responsible for any sort of delay or the difficulties faced during the submission of bids online by the bidders due to local issues.

9.  The bidder should see that the bid documents submitted should be free from virus and if the documents could not be opened, due to virus, during bid opening, the bid is liable to be rejected.

10.  Successful bid submission from the system means, the bids as uploaded by the bidder is received and stored in the system. System does not certify for its correctness and any uncomplete bid form will be automatically disallowed by TLMN.

11.  During transmission of bid document, the confidentiality of the bids is maintained since the data is protected by the multi-user password and OTP from TLM Nepal representatives.

12.  Overall, the submitted bid documents become readable only after the bid opening by the procurement committee.

13. Participation on the opening ceremony of this bid can be done through the ZOOM App on 2nd August 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Zoom link for this is

Meeting ID: 921 3238 6883
Passcode: 260758

14.  All final rights related this bidding process reserved in TLM Nepal.

Note: TLM Nepal has practice of zero tolerance on any Fraud and corruption,in connection with the procurement of goods and services or the acceptance of bribes and secret commissions from suppliers or others. Any staff founds guilty on this will be subject to dismissal and related vendors will be blacklisted for further process.