The Leprosy Mission Nepal

Help find, cure and heal people with Leprosy in Nepal

About TLMN Nepal

The Leprosy Mission (TLM) is a UK based international non-government organization active in 34 countries; started its work in Nepal from 1957 with establishment of Anandaban Hospital in Lele, the sourthern part of Lalitpur. However, from 2005 TLM Nepal has been working as independent NGO in partnership with TLM international and the Government of Nepal to provide specialist tertiary care and technical support for leprosy control programs. It also undertakes internationally recognized research into leprosy and implements disability inclusive community development programs through its own activities and strategic partnership.

Being one of the largest NGOs in the country working in the field of leprosy, TLM Nepal mainly focuses in working with and for people affected by leprosy. Its development interventions focuses in the areas of health, capacity building, education, sustainable livelihoods, community development, advocacy and research working towards equity and inclusion of people affected by leprosy and disability in the development process.

Anandaban Hospital


Leprosy Defeated, Lives Transformed.


Following Jesus Christ, The Leprosy Mission strives to break the chains of Leprosy.

Strategic Priorities

Zero Leprosy Transmission

Early diagnosis and treatment along with imrpoved contract tracing in the community will contribute twoards reaching Zero Leprosy Transmission.

Zero Leprosy Disability

The Leprosy Mission Nepal will contribute towards ending leprosy related disability by incorporating effective approaches in managing disability, through TLMN supported activities and community self-help groups. Disability Prevention and rehabilitation will be a prime focus of the organzxiation along with improving access to our clinics and health centers in the next 5 years to achieve Zero disability trhough Leprosy.

Zero Leprosy Discrimination

The Leprosy MIssion Nepal has in the past and will continue to fight for the rights fo leprosy affected individuals, advocate for them, lobby for their rights and against any discriminatory laws to end the discrimination that leprosy affected people have been facing since centuries.

Research and Learning

The Leprosy Mission Nepal will be a centre of excellence, at the cutting edge of leprosy crlinical and social reserach thriving to be at the forefront of research and implementation of programmes focusing on leprosy, NTDs and mental health.

Enabling TLMN

The Leprosy Mission Nepal will focus on being a leader in innovative approacghes to leprosy complication management and share this learning globally through demonstrating the effectiveness of new initiatives and research approaches.

Executive Board Members

Mr.Ashok Adhikari


Mr.Lok Thapa

Executive Member

Mrs.Draupadi Rokaya

Vice Chairperson

Mr.Indra Bahadur Basnet

Executive Member

Mr.Khim Kandel


Mr.Laxmi Lal Thapa

Executive Member

Mr.Krishna Panta


Mrs.Gyanu Sodemba

Executive Member

Country Director 

Mr.Shovakhar Kandel

Country Director