Satellite Clinics

Satellite Clinics are outreach interventions conducted monthly in Butwal and Biratnagar to provide extensive leprosy services to people in high prevalant areas who are not able to visit Anandaban Hospital for treatment. The medical team treats, counsels, raises awareness and coordinates referrals. TLMN conducts approximately 25 clinics in Butwal and Biratnagar each year.

Meanwhile, Anandaban Patan Clinic located in urban part of Lalitpur has been running extended leprosy and general services since 2012. Since then, the number of general cases coming for treatment has been increasing, with dermatology and orthopaedic consultations being the most prominent. Patients are referred to Anandaban Hospital for further specialist treatment from the clinic.


The skin camp in Butwal is held once a month at the the Lumbini province hospital.


The Skin Camp at Biratnagar is held monthly at Koshi Hospital. 

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