Hidden Lives Podcast

The Hidden Lives Podcast is a initiative of The Leprosy Mission Nepal and Australia. This podcast shares about the lives of people we have interacted with during our work as The Leprosy Mission.  Please note that the opinions expressed in this podcast are not necessarily the opinions of The Leprosy Mission. 

The Leprosy Mission works towards the eradication of leprosy worldwide.  For those who do not yet know what leprosy is, it is a neglected tropical disease that affects some of the poorest people in the world. 

The podcast is hosted by Eva Lee, International Program Officer for the Leprosy Mission in Australia and Subin Adhikari, Programs Communication Officer for the Leprosy Mission in Nepal.

The Nepal edition of the podcast shares five powerful stories of individuals with leprosy and/or disability through the eyes of the hosts. It dives into issues concerning gender, mental health, self-stigma, and generational changes and support.

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The Hidden Lives Podcast Cover Co-hosted by The Leprosy Mission Nepal and The Leprosy Mission Australia.