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Medical Electives Application

Medical electives from universities in Nepal and abroad have been placed at Anandaban Hospital, MRL and projects for many years, helping to develop the skills and expertise of health and development practitioners and researchers to better understand leprosy and clinical care, disability and stigma in a developing country setting.

Vacancy Announcement (CLOSED)

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Vacant Position : Consultant Surgeon in a Voluntary rote

Required Numbers of Candidates : 1

Location:  Anandaban Hospital

Minimum Qualifications: Master degree or equivalent in discipline of Surgery.

Key Responsibilities: To learn, share, introduce and bring best practice as well as building the capacity of Hospital medical professionals in the areas of surgical management.

Application Deadline:  15th September till 21st September 2022

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Vacant Position : Human Resources Officer

Required Numbers of Candidates : 1

Location: TLMN Country Office 

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Relevant University Degree Bachelor and 3 years of relevant work experience/ Master preferred 

2· Proven track record in HR and Administration in an I/NGO

Key Responsibilities: The Human Resource Officer reports directly to the HR Manager, is both responsible for human resource management and more general administrative management of the The Leprosy Mission Nepal program. The position includes HR-related duties in the functional areas of benefit administration, employee relations, recruitment, on boarding, policy implementation, and ensure compliance with the employment-laws and regulations. In addition, the position includes tasks related to administrative and operational duties.

Application Deadline:  10th June till 17th June 2022


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